This tutorial will show you how to insert link to images on BJ Image Slider & BJ Image Slider 2 ;)

(this feature only avaulable on Pro/Dev version)

Upload image

1.1   First, log on to your website using your administration account.

1.2   On the component tab, go to BJ Image Slider >> Manage Images

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In order to celebrate 2012 Administrative Professional week, offers all of its customers a biggest sale of the year by many 60%-discount coupon codes available.
ByJoomla products now can be bought in a much lower price, and everyone can have a chance to save up to 60% on purchases!

There are many different coupon codes for different products of ByJoomla:
proadminsynegy – a 60% coupon code which is applied for BJ Synegy template (Pro and Dev version)
proadminvenus – a 40% coupon code which is applied for BJ Venus template (Pro and Dev version)
proadminslider – a 40% coupon code which is applied for BJ Image Slider (Pro and Dev version)
proadminslider2 – a 30% coupon code which is applied for BJ Image Slider 2 (Pro and Dev version)

Please note that all coupon codes for Administrative Professional week celebration are applicable from 25 April 2012 to 30 April 2012 only. For any other questions, please email to

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Some of our customer have asked about this bug. If your browser (Firefox) installs FireBug add-on, you should see this bug if it occurs.  This lets to the situation that Image Slider 2 does not show any images.

This kind of bug is often caused  by a javascript library conflict (here is jQuery). In each byjoomla module, you would see a parameter called “Need jQuery”. This is used to load jQuery library (javascript) if your template does not support it (not our VENUS template). If you accidentally turn on this param, the bug appears!

So, please turn off the “Need jQuery” parameter in all byjoomla module if you are using them with VENUS template. We don’t need it. Then you will see, how the Image slider 2 works perfectly :)


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Hi there,

Since many of our customers have met “syntax error” bug, we have opened an investigation quickly.  After less than a working day (actually a weekend day :) ), we are now officially announcing the releases to fix this bug.

The root of this bug is the configuration of your servers: the PHP short_open_tag config is set to Off instead of On to make it works. Because we don’t want to ask all of you to change this configuration, we have changed ourself  :)

Today we release new updates for all of our products to make them work on different server configurations. They are:

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