Which Joomla version can I use with BJ templates and extensions?

    We have Free, Pro and Dev versions of templates and extensions which are designed in Joomla 1.5; 1.6 ;1.7 and 2.5. Templates and extensions in Joomla 1.6 can work well in Joomla 1.7 & 2.5

    How to change default logo?

  • To change the logo, you can:
    • replace the default logo at [Your Joomla Root]\templates\bj_venus\images\bjvenus-logo.png
    • or create a new module (in Administrator, go to Extensions --> Module Manager --> New Module --> Custom HTML, set the position to Header, insert your logo in the text panel, and save it)

  • How to change default Legals text and Footer text?

  • To modify the legals and footer sections, you could put a module to Legals or Footer position, they will replace the default ones. (To create a new module, go to Extensions --> Module Manager --> New Module --> Custom HTML , set you custom text, set the position and save it )

  • How to change the small Joomla logo at the address bar?

  • To change the Joomla small logo on the address bar, simple create an icon with the name favicon.ico (you can use http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/favicon/ to create favicon) and replace the default icon in Your Joomla Root]\templates\bj_venus\favicon.ico

  • How to change the layout to 3 columns or 2 columns or 1 columns?

  • The page layout is automatically set to is 3 columns or 2 columns or 1 columns. If you don't have any module at Right position, the layout will remove right column. If you don't have any module at Left position, the layout will remove left column, and so on. To control the module display according to the page, (which means, for example, you want module A is displayed in URL 1 but not in URL 2) use Menu Assignment parameter in any module edit page.

How to change the color of Venus template according to the page?

Follow this tutorial

How does module class suffix work?

Module class suffix provides you the ability of customizing the look and feel. The style of module will be set depending on module class suffix. You can find information about setting module class suffix in Our blog

What is typography and how to use?

Typography is some special configuration in BJ Templates that provides you the ability of customizing the look and feel. See this tutorial:  Venus Typography


What is "Need jQuery" parameter?

This parameter is used to load Jquery (a JavaScript library). If you are going to use BJ Extensions (BJ Image Slider, BJ Headline Rollers, BJ Content Slider …) with BJ Templates (BJ Venus, BJ Venus 2,…), you do not need to turn on this parameter because the templates have loaded this library by default. Turning it on could cause conflict/crash on your website. Otherwise, you need to turn it on when using with non-Jquery supported templates.

Why my Image Slider does not work properly?

Problem 1: Need jQuery parameter If you are going to use BJ Image Slider 2 with BJ Venus template, this parameter should be turned off (because BJ Venus has loaded this library by default). Otherwise, turn it on when using with non-Jquery supported template.

Problem 2: Forget to configure Image Slider component and fill up category ID parameter. You can find more information in tutorial for BJ Image Slider at Download BJ Image Slider

Why the images in the Image Slider do not fit the box

You need to configure BJ Image Slider component before uploading images. There are parameters in Configuration section of the component which let you specify the size of images shown in the slider.

My website works well on Chrome and Firefox, but not in IE. Sometimes, IE cannot load the page

The problem is that you probably copy the text from Microsoft Word and paste into the article. These texts contain special code (HTML/XML code) which breaks the structure of the article. Firefox and Google Chrome can still load the page properly but IE does not. So if you want to copy/paste the article from Microsoft Word, paste it in Microsoft Notepad first and then copy/paste to the new article in Joomla.


If we buy your design, are we able to remove the copyright and change something for our business?

We are offering Dev versions that can be modified. You should read carefully the Terms and Conditions documents that attached in the download package of Pro and Dev version before making any change. Your purchase of our products or usage of our services implies that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

How to upgrade PRO version to DEV version?

Contact us directly via email support(at)byjoomla(dot)com for an upgrade

I do not satisfy with the products, I want refund!

Our current policy is you can get your refund until 30 days after your purchase is made. If you have any problem or the product appears to be not-as-described, you can send email to admin(at)byjoomla(dot)com, state your order number, describe briefly about why you do not satisfy and ask for refund. We will refund 100% the fee in one to three days. However, please make sure that you've carefully read all relevant documentation and tried out the demo. We highly recommend you to test thoroughly the product you intent to purchase.

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