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About The ByJoomla Team

Until 2014, ByJoomla has gone through 7 years as a template and extension provider. We offer high quality Joomla templates, and extensions that are easily customizable for your websites. Each product package contains very detail configuration documents and complimentary extensions to help setting up Joomla sites in a minute.
Our missions

– Continuously improve code
We are focusing on optimizing and developing the code to help customers’ site run faster andsmoother. You don’t have to be a web guru to handle our products.
– Provide best quality of design
We believe that design is not justthe interface; it’s the solution for users’ problems and catalyst for conversion. We pay attention to every detail and make it flexible for you to adjust.
– Understand customers better
Listen to be heard. We spend time to learn from customers’ responses to provide the most helpful customer support.
– Write the most comprehensive documentation
Our documentation is composed from a newbie standpoint and covers everything you can ask. It’s not only the guideline but also door to variable options to customize your way.
Customers Testimonials

“I’m a Joomla newbie and afraid of making problems. Because English is not my mother tongue, things get complicated.Finally, it turns out that the team is extremely grateful and helped me to set up my site from nothing”
Joe Tzu, “Hi, I’m Ling from Massachusetts. I would like to say thank you guys for your great support for my problem. I recently had problem with the image slider and it was really great that ByJoomla team have helped me to solve it. I have to wait no more than a half of day to receive response from your support though you promise it in 24hrs. I appreciate that effort, thank you guys again. Hope you will do well in future”
Ling Mei


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