How to install new template without losing your original data?

In the previous post, you have known how to install quickstart package on Joomla 3x. However, you may be having a lots of data, images and beautiful details on your site, you won’t never want to start over again. Meanwhile, when installing the quickstart package, all of the existing data will be replaced by the sample data. In this tutorial, we’d like to share the way to install new template without losing your precious original data.

1.Take back-up of your current site (recommended to practice not only for templates but all the time you take major steps)

2.Upload full template package, not quick-start package under the [/templates] folder on your server. Find the file by using Discover tab in the Joomla Extension Manager and install it. After few seconds you should receive the installation success message (on green background).

manually install template

3. Install all attached extensions, which are in the template package in the same manner, and create custom html modules with sample data guided as the template document.

install extensions

Extension manager   Install4. If you failed, don’t worry because we did back up since step 1.

5. Now, Login to phpMyAdmin and select your Joomla! database on the left column

6. Next, select tab Import on the horizontal menu bar to import your old database

import database

7. After script execution, you can get back to your website to check how the original data was restored

8. Important:  Frequent errors when installing on local host

  • Upload file limit: It is common for Joomla template installation in localhost (example: XAMPP). If you have the error, here a solution for you:
  • Step 1: Find the file named “php.ini” ( you find in C:\xampp\php)

file php

  • Step 2: Fill the below code
  • Code:  
  • post_max_size”10M” 
  • upload_max_filesize “10M”
  • Step 3: Settings the value to what you need and save the file.
  • Step 4: Now try uploading your template again.



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