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Ok I decided to write this because many customers have asked: “how to increase the width of dropdown menu in BJ Venus & Venus 2 template?”. By default you cannot change as in BJ Venus & Venus 2, this value is fixed because they use images as background. However, if you really want, you can do it. Now i’ll tell you how.

BJ Dropdown Menu width

BJ Dropdown Menu width

You will need to prepare 3 images in bj_venus/images/[color]/ folder: dropdown_bg.png; dropdown_bottom.png and dropdown_top.png. These 3 files are background of the sub-menu.
After changing the images, you need to add these lines in bj_venus/css/bj_dropdownmenu.css file (at the end of the file):
ul.list_menu li div.bg0 {width:200px}
ul.list_menu li li, ul.list_menu li li li, ul.list_menu li li li li, ul.list_menu li li li li li, ul.list_menu li li li li li li {width: 180px}
(change the value of the width according to your new images)

It’s simple, isn’t it? Feel free to ask questions.


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