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Regular update to all Venus and extensions!

On September 5, 2010, in Product News, by admin

Today we release a bunch of updates to all Venus and extensions. They are small changes but very useful, and we think it can help reduce significantly loading time.

Technically speaking, it contains:

- Remove pre-loading CSS function. This has caused a dramatically slow VENUS loading time in IE browser. And we would like to send a thank to Luis Tark [luis(at)], who has sent us a notification about this.

- Change the way of CSS loading in all extensions. Instead of using javascript, they are now loaded through Joomla API. Reducing javascript handling means improve loading performance.

- Add a “Color chooser” element to module configuration. Now if you need to set a color, choose it from visual panel.

So, the newest versions now are:

Venus 1.5.2; Venus 2.5.3/3.5.3
Dropdown Menu 2.5.3
Content Tab 2.5.2
Content Slider 2.5.2
Photo Gallery 2.5.2
Headline Roller 2.5.2
Image Slider module 1.5.3 & 2.5.3/3.5.3
Current customers can download from your Client Area. All free versions can be downloaded at our Download Reposity.

5 Responses to “Regular update to all Venus and extensions!”

  1. Edu says:


    I just downloaded the BJ! Venus FREE complete package. I have installed everythin but I can not find where are this extensions or modules, needed by the template:

    Content Tab 2.5.2
    Headline Roller 2.5.2

    and I am getting these errors in the main page:

    Notice: Use of undefined constant _ISO – assumed ‘_ISO’ in D:\EasyPHP5.2.10\www\templates\bj_venus\index.php on line 20

    Notice: Undefined variable: header in D:\EasyPHP5.2.10\www\templates\bj_venus\index.php on line 103

    Notice: Undefined variable: headline in D:\EasyPHP5.2.10\www\templates\bj_venus\index.php on line 145

    Notice: Undefined variable: banner in D:\EasyPHP5.2.10\www\templates\bj_venus\index.php on line 173

    I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks in advance.

  2. hadoanngoc says:

    You should turn off Error Notice reporting by editing php.ini file. If you don’t want to change your server settings, please add this line to the second line (after “

    error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE)


  3. Vijin Varghese says:

    My headline roller still shows un published news articles.
    Do you have any tutorials on configuring headline roller.

    • hadoanngoc says:

      If you use “Item List” parameter in Headline Roller, it will list all the items specified, including all published articles. If you use “Item count” and delete “Item List” value, it only displays published articles in category.

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