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Hi there,

Since many of our customers have met “syntax error” bug, we have opened an investigation quickly.  After less than a working day (actually a weekend day :) ), we are now officially announcing the releases to fix this bug.

The root of this bug is the configuration of your servers: the PHP short_open_tag config is set to Off instead of On to make it works. Because we don’t want to ask all of you to change this configuration, we have changed ourself  :)

Today we release new updates for all of our products to make them work on different server configurations. They are:

FREE: venus 1.5.1, content_slider 2.5.1, dropdown_menu 2.5.2, image_slider 1.5.2

PRO: venus 2.5.1, photo_gallery 2.5.1, content_tab 2.5.1, image_slider 2.5.2
DEV: venus 3.5.1, image_slider 3.5.2
Now you can download free versions from our download system. Current customer (PRO and DEV license) can download updates from our Client System.
Finally, thanks for interested in our products, you guys :) !
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