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Module parameters can be combined for customization to fit your demand:

Example: “bjmod-style-1 bjmod-color-blue bjmod-corner-top typo-download”

Modules’ default color is the color of the default template.



(one color for all template styles or colors)


bjmod-color-blue                                                    bjmod-color-green

bjmod-color-green                                                   bjmod-color-purple

bjmod-color-red                                                    bjmod-color-orange


Use normal typography configuration (See 5.2)



5.1. There are 2 ways for configuration of typography:

Method 1: method 1 is applied for a paragraph of which, the typo icon is always on the left of the paragraph

- <p class=”typo-xxx”><span class=”icon”> </span> Content here </p>

Method 2: used when you want the typo icons appear inline

- <span class=”typo-xxx”></span>

5.2. In typography configuration, “xxx” can be:

typo-home typo-plus typo-minus typo-plus2
typo-minus2 typo-delete typo-accept typo-warning
typo-heart typo-mail typo-star typo-thumbup
typo-thumbdown typo-down typo-up typo-sticker
typo-zoom typo-refresh typo-earth typo-key
typo-lock typo-rss typo-folder typo-calendar
typo-calendar typo-pencil typo-cart typo-recycle
typo-dialog typo-download typo-user typo-user2


Configuration of dialog textbox 1:

<div class=“venus-textbox-1″>

<div class=title-blue”>BOX TITLE</div> Content goes here


(Blue color can be replaced by: green, brown, orange, purple, red)

Configuration of dialog textbox 2:

<div class=“venus-textbox-2″>

<div class=blue”>Content goes here</div>


(Blue color can be replaced by: green, brown, orange, purple, red)

Configuration of list-style number:

<p class=“venus-number-square”>

<span>01</span> This is a sample block number


<p class=“venus-number-round”>

<span>01</span> This is a sample block number


Configuration of buttons:

(Blue color can be replaced by: green, brown, orange, purple, red)

See more Typography configuration from our blog @



  1. green funds says:

    Hi, Ididn’t know where to ask, but can you tell me which them u use? Thanks!

  2. hadoanngoc says:

    The module style class suffix can be used in Edit Module page. There is a module class suffix parameter where you should enter these classes.
    The other typographies can be used when you are writing an anticles. Switch to HTML View (click Toogle View button or HTML button) and then add classes in above examples.

  3. kendra wilkinson says:

    Hi, I can’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please :)

  4. my web says:

    Can these changes be done only in pro template or free template. If we can do it in free template also means could anyone please explain it in detail as i am a basic learner in coding……….

  5. Vancsi says:

    The dialog textbox 1 does not appear when I set it in an HTML source editor. How should I put it in? Does not appear even on a blank webpage if I paste it. So any advice?

  6. Schedule says:

    You you could edit the post title BJ VENUS – JOOMLA TEMPLATE – MODULE CLASS SUFFIX AND CLASS CSS MANUAL to more catching for your subject you make. I enjoyed the the writing withal.

  7. Agung Wiseso says:

    Hi.. thanks for share…
    By the way, should I add this modul on my site?
    I have some trouble with BJ Venus Full Pacage include image slider, can you tell me how to fix it?

  8. admin says:

    @vancsi: i have no idea if i don’t see your page :)
    @Schedule: thanks for suggestion
    @Agun Wiseco: which module are you mentioning? What troubles did you have?

  9. jon says:

    Is it possible to change colors on a page by page basis. I would like the background color one page to be different then the background color of all other pages. For example, I want all pages to be the red color except for one which i want to be the brown color.


  10. home health aide says:

    found your site today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  11. Richard says:


    I am also attempting to apply the text boxes through the html toggle like Vancsi said, but to no avail. I copied and pasted exactly what is coded here, but no go. Help????

  12. Cecilia says:

    Hello guys, thank for your help. I have been working on the template… but I have encountered one problem THE TOOLBAR. I pretty much did everything but still looks like this

    If you could please follow that link….
    Please… HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Charles says:

    Hello i have a client that has paid for and is using BJVenus..

    they have requested that the title of the front page (the box) as seen here in the center allsaints be changed to a diff color .. I have tried some different page class suffix with no luck..

    Can you perhaps point me in the right direction


  14. hadoanngoc says:

    @Cecillia: make sure you are using BJ Dropdown Menu
    @Charles: you mean the component heading “All Saints Catholic School”? You can change it in the bj_venus/css/base.css , class .componentheading

  15. hubble says:

    This template is really awesome. I have customized it to my needs. But I am unable to change the module color. Can you please help me?

  16. Cecilia says:

    dear hadoanngoc, still not showing the right way, please help….. is there any way I can send u the site´s info so u can see what is going on?

  17. hadoanngoc says:

    @hubble: to change module color, use ” bjmod-color-[color]” (change the [color] to your desired value, for example: ” bjmod-color-blue”)
    @Cecilia: yes, send us an email to admin[at]byjoomla[dot]com or use our contact form

  18. pzah says:

    I’ve purchased BJ Venus Pro.. but why can’t I change the transition setting in my Image slider.. 2nd question is how I can display all my pics in different folder using Photo gallery.. b’coz right now I get to display pics not the folder (category). What act I wanna do is display the categorized uploaded pics in different folder then the user get to choose which categorize of pic they want to see..

  19. pzah says:

    I’d like to customize bj venus photo gallery like phoca photo gallery..

  20. admin says:

    @Pzah: Please email us so we can help you with the issue. (Our PRO members get PRO after sale services)
    Thank you

  21. lorelay90210 says:

    Hello, it might be something obvious, but I’m not seeing it, how do I get the Read more button in the caption of the picture, like there is on the demo page of BJ Venus? Thank you!

  22. flowerensia says:

    Hi guys,
    I found few problems here to put small icon on left side , for example in main menu, already figure out how to write typography but i have no idea where to type it.

    Method 1: method 1 is applied for a paragraph of which, the typo icon is always on the left of the paragraph

    - Content here

    Method 2: used when you want the typo icons appear inline



    let’s take a look in my pic in

    Anyone knows and direct me step by step until i can get like the second picture? And the gaps thing. My in my MainMenu between each menu are to close. I wanted to has few spaces or gaps like admin did in BJvenus template Gaps by a straight line.

    Thanks for reading and helping :)

  23. Elsinore says:

    Hi, I am using the free version at present and will upgrade once this template works for my needs.

    My problem is that i cannot find the correct module to assign the top menu. Is there a module layout guide somewhere?

  24. Elsinore says:

    Correction: module position – not module

  25. Elsinore says:

    Ok, I found the modules position guide

  26. Mireille says:

    I just installed the BJ Venus Pro template. The testdata seemed easy, but after installing those through admin my website is completely down and also I cannot log into the admin part. It says:

    Error loading module Unknown column ‘m.publish_up’ in ‘where clause’ SQL=SELECT id, title, module, position, content, showtitle, params, mm.menuid FROM jos_modules AS m LEFT JOIN jos_modules_menu AS mm ON mm.moduleid = WHERE m.published = 1 AND (m.publish_up = ’0000-00-00 00:00:00′ OR m.publish_up = ’2011-05-14 16:17:50′) AND m.access IN (1,1) AND m.client_id = 1 AND (mm.menuid = 0 OR mm.menuid <= 0) ORDER BY position, ordering

    I need some support on this, but the contact button for the support area gives a failure notice. So nu support there…

  27. Pheadra says:


    I just installed the free BJ Venus template. My left and right positions are not shown. Who can help me?


  28. gaetano says:

    I’ve buyed venus Pro, what should i put in module class suffix for menu?


  29. kisazaru says:

    where can I get the module suffix for Bj venus 2 as what i can see from the demo, the style is kinda of different..Thanks

  30. Ha says:

    For PRO/DEV clients, please contact us by email for more support. Regarding module suffix, please see our Getting Started document here:

  31. Paris says:

    For some reason I cannot get two article columns to show up, Ive tried everything! something must be wrong with the template coding! No matter what kind of configuration I do with the Article Parameters, my articles will not split up into to columns!

  32. T.Winter says:

    thx 4 your tips :-)

    one question: what ´s the trick to use 2 or 3 columns bloglayout in content?
    If i set the parameter at the backend (J1.7 with Venus2), i can ´t see a vertcal 2 columns blog at the content. Whats wrong with this function?
    Is a special css needed?

    Best regards, TW

  33. Ha says:

    @T.Winter: there’s no trick to user 2, 3 columns in blog layout. It’s Joomla parameters which control it. Try to find the appropriate params in articles and menu items

  34. Ha says:

    @gaetano, @kisazaru says: module class suffix for Venus 2 is almost the same for Venus. We added 2 more module styles “bjmod-style-5″ and “bjmod-style-6″. Others are default

  35. lima_fil says:

    Thanx for free pack.
    Everything is working well. Joomla 2.5.

  36. Bart says:

    How to hide right column? I don’t have any module on position right.
    With other template I dont have problem with that,
    please help

  37. hadoanngoc says:

    Hi @Bart,
    Are you using free version? Free version’s layout is fixed, which means it always has 3 columns

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