Not only offer 6 color styles, we also provide a advanced typography library plus 4 different layouts for users to have more chance customizing their website and match any purposes, from personal to organization website.
    We added Joomla Image Slider 2 in this template as one of its many features. Let's make your website more attractive with great images of your own. This image slider is Free version of BJ Image Slider 2.
    Great and convenient typography gallery is one of the most interesting feature you will receive in this Joomla template. Those style make sure that your content will be most effectively presented to the target customers.
    Joomla Image Slider 2 provides a wider view of image and creates stronger impression for users when landing on to your website. BJ Facebook extensions included as an option to make your website go social.

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Joomla is now considered as one of the most user-friendly CMSs.

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ByJoomla offers 30-day Money back Guarantee & 24/7 support.

B. Jupiter - a dynamic template from ByJoomla

By releasing B. Jupiter – a dynamic template, ByJoomla provides a more customizable template that comes with many cool features and extensions. And by combining them in one template, B. Jupiter can match any purposes of users, from being an online-channel for business to personal blog or organization's website ...

BJ Facebook extensions


BJ Facebook extensions – Activity feeds & Recommendations

Since Facebook has become one of the most famous and valuable social networking sites, there will be lots of benefits when creating relationship between this site and your site. In order to support this idea, ByJoomla is proud to introduce 2 new Facebook extensions: Activities Feeds and Recommendations.

Let’s have a look at BJ Facebook extensions’ functions:

  • Spreading the world: Facebook recommendation module gives users personalized suggestions for pages on a website they might like. Additionally, this possibly increases visitors’ probability to digging through your web.
  • Motivate people to spend more time on your web

Facebook activity feeds show visitors what their friends are doing on the website through like and comments. People tend to be influenced by their friend/colleague so this module will encourage them digging through the website.


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